Welcome to our phase one journey

Invest in us

We would like to offer you and anyone around you the opportunity to acquire equity and be a part of our business. We are currently raising up-to $250,000 with a minimum target of $30,000.


By investing in Axialnics Systems Inc.  you'll be joining us in our journey to push the boundaries of aerospace science in what we believe will be an aerospace revolution story!


To invest visit the Axialnics Systems LetsLaunch page

Download the Offering Statement and Financial Review.

Offering Summary

Offering Type: Equity

Price per share: $ 4

Minimum shares: 63

Raise Minimum Target: $ 30,000

​Raise Maximum Target: $ 250,000.


Offering closing: 01/03/2020


Invest $ 500 for 120 shares - Get a Tumbler flask 22oz

Invest $ 1,000 for 250 shares - Get 2 Tumbler flask 22oz each and 10% bonus shares

Invest $ 5,000 for 1250 shares - All perks for $ 1,000 plus a mug and baseball cap with company logo.

Invest $ 10,000 for 2,500 shares- All perks of level $ 5,000 and an additional 5% bonus shares bringing the total to 15% bonus shares.

Invest $ 50,000 for 12,500 shares - All perks of level $ 10,000, an additional 5% bonus shares bringing the total to 20% bonus shares and two jackets with company insignia.

Note: All perks occur after offer closes. Fractional shares will not be distributed.