About us

Our Mission

To further enhance the aerospace industry by developing and commercializing our Disc-wing Rotor Aircraft Concept (DRAC). 

Our Vision

To push the boundaries of modern aerospace technologies and spearhead it further into the future with our groundbreaking and innovative technology.

We have carefully set forth objectives to help ensure any and all of our short and long-term goals come to fruition. 

Towards this mission, we are working to build our team and partnerships and raise the funding required, through private equity.

Meet Our Team

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Vincent's passion with aerospace begun in early years developing model air-crafts in the inner cities of Nairobi, Kenya. This crystallized with a Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering from Tran-Eastern Aviation College after which he began conceptualizing the DRAC. This would be followed by a 3-year stint at Kenya Airways as an Entry Level Engineer then a leap of faith into entrepreneurship where he started and operated a furniture design and retailing business until 2014 when he migrated to the U.S.A. He holds a BEng Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sunderland UK, an MSc in Subsea Engineering from the University of Houston, TX and currently enrolled for a Masters program in Aerospace Engineering at University of Texas Arlington. As the DRAC inventor and Axialnics Systems Inc. founder he's leading the vision and mission to bring the concept to reality.





As a child growing up in West Africa, he had a passion for technology and engineering. Wesley graduated in Boston MA. with a BSEE. His mission has been to ensure that each entrepreneur or engineer’s journey is never a lonely one. He started Fruition Tech Labs after a 20+ year career in Business Development, Marketing, and Sales within technology companies based in Boston and Silicon Valley. His career took him to Asia, Europe, Canada, South America and throughout the USA. Key roles focused on developing new markets for newly developed tech-based products, covering over 10 industry segments. Internally he supported 3 global divisions in marketing and product development, Asia, Europe, and The Americas. From his years of experience in “Corporate”, Wes learned the vital importance of having a simple and clear process to successfully take an idea from concept to launch while keeping the focus on the people from hence the idea has a purpose. As an Electrical engineer and having been fascinated by aircraft from the age of 10, Wesley has always dreamed of being part of a team that would develop a new aircraft. He hopes to do so with Axialnics Systems. Wesley resides in Houston Texas and loves fishing and mission work.


What makes our team special?

The founder ( Vincent Mbuvi) of Axialnics is a unique and very brilliant visionary.  From his humble beginnings in Kenya as a mechanical engineer that worked on commercial aircraft to his continuous development personally, in academia but more importantly in his knowledge of the flight of aircraft. From the time of the Wright brothers until there have been minor improvements in man flight until now.

Vincent has attracted some very talented individuals to his team who believe in the success of his vision and dream. These are not just early starters in innovation, these are men and women that have many years of experience in Aeronautics, aerospace, aircraft design, business development, business strategy, investor partnerships, and strong engineering skill base. Most importantly his team possess the humility to learn from others, the right set of partners and the grit and mission to persevere until they take our world into the next era Of flight.